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What to Consider When Considering Mandatory/Incentive Based COVID-19 Vaccination Programs

USA - December 21 2020 With COVID-19 vaccinations now underway at healthcare facilities across the country, employers across all industries are asking themselves whether…

Charles B. Palmer

Wisconsin Issues State-Wide Emergency Face Covering Order

USA - July 31 2020 On July 30, 2020, Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers issued an Executive Order declaring a Public Health Emergency to combat the “uncontrolled spread of…

Scott C. Beightol, Mitchell W. Quick

Double Damages Now the Exception, Not the Rule in FLSA Administrative Settlements

USA - June 30 2020 In a win for employers, the United States Department of Labor (DOL) announced earlier this week that it will end its default policy of demanding…

Ashley L. Felton, Mitchell W. Quick, Judson D. Stelter

The U.S. DOL Expands “Retail and Service Establishment” Overtime Exemption

USA - May 26 2020 In a time when more change is not favored by employers, the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) made a positive change to Section 7(i) of the Fair Labor…

Ashley L. Felton, Mitchell W. Quick, Judson D. Stelter

Wisconsin Work-Share Program - An Alternative to Layoffs

USA - May 15 2020 In the wake of the economic slowdown caused by COVID-19, many employers find themselves weighing various options to reduce headcount costs, such as…

Samuel M. Mitchell, Mitchell W. Quick