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What Blockchain Means for the Agriculture and Food Industries

USA - December 26 2018 When most people think of blockchain, they think of its application to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. However, the technology has the potential for…

Cheryl L. Isaac, Emily R. Lyons, Sarah C. Helton.

Agricultural Eligibility under the CARES Act - EIDL and PPP

USA - April 9 2020 In the nearly two weeks since President Trump signed the CARES Act, there has been tremendous confusion surrounding the eligibility of agricultural…

Galen R. Mason, Martin P. Tierney.

PPP: Changes in the Law May Require a Second Review; Be Prepared for More Change and Think About Your Brand and PR as Much, if not More Than, the Law

USA - May 1 2020 Please be advised that new guidance under the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) appears to effectively “walk back” express provisions under the law…

Alexander P. Fraser, David M. DiGiacomo, Elizabeth A. Prendergast, Galen R. Mason, Gregory J. Lynch, Martin P. Tierney, Melissa M. Turczyn, Vincent M. Morrone.

Hydrogen's Increasing Role in a Carbon-Neutral Economy

USA - February 21 2021 I found the attached "White Paper" shared by my good friend Mark Knaack of Burns & Mac ( to be a particularly helpful overview of…

Expanded PFAS Monitoring Requirements on the Horizon for Many Water Utilities

USA - November 27 2018 The federal government and state governments are taking actions in response to the continued concerns about environmental contamination and human…

John A. Sheehan, Leah Hurtgen Ziemba, Patrick J. Bernal, Sarah C. Helton.