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NLRB Affirms that Employers May Prohibit Employees from Discussing Ongoing Investigations

USA - April 26 2020 Hard to believe these days, but non-Covid-19-related developments do still pop up from time-to-time. Last week, the NLRB gave us one on an issue the…

Nelson D. Cary

Covid-19 and the NLRB: Effective Date of New “Election Protection” Rule Postponed

USA - April 9 2020 Labor professionals waiting for the new rule on certain employee free choice issues to go into effect will have to wait a little longer. The NLRB…

Nelson D. Cary

NLRB Resuming Union Elections on Monday

USA - April 1 2020 It’s back to business for the NLRB, at least when it comes to representation elections. The NLRB announced today that it would not extend its…

Nelson D. Cary

COVID-19 and the Duty to Bargain: Advice from the General Counsel

USA - March 31 2020 With COVID-19 disrupting business, employers may be questioning whether the virus has an effect on the duty to bargain with labor organizations. On…

Nelson D. Cary

NLRB Concludes Pending Workplace Investigations May Be Kept Confidential

USA - January 2 2020 As many employers know, confidentiality can be essential to performing workplace investigations. Last month, in Apogee Retail, LLC, a 3-1 decision…

Nelson D. Cary