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DOL Expands the Retail and Service Establishment Overtime Exemption

USA - May 21 2020 The federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) generally requires employers to pay nonexempt employees overtime compensation for time worked in excess…

Nelson D. Cary

Remote Work Increases Data Security Risks

USA - April 13 2020 Your employees are sheltering in place and working remotely. They now communicate with each other, business partners and customers via email, Zoom…

Marcel C. Duhamel, Nita Garg, Christopher L. Ingram, Jonathan Ishee, John L. Landolfi, Lisa Pierce Reisz, Eric W. Richardson, Allen L. Rutz

New York Issues Its Model Sexual Harassment Policy and Training

USA - October 2 2018 As we previously reported, New York State recently enacted expansive changes to its sexual harassment law. In brief, the new…

Michael C. Griffaton

New York Enacts Sweeping Sexual Harassment Legislation

USA - April 17 2018 On April 12, 2018, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed the State’s 2018-2019 budget bill, which includes sweeping changes to the State’s sexual…

Michael C. Griffaton

No More Tax Deduction for Certain Sexual Harassment Settlement Payments

USA - January 17 2018 The tax bill signed by the president on December 22, 2017, changed the rules for deducting settlement payments and attorney's fees related to sexual…

Michael C. Griffaton, Allen S. Kinzer