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Consumer Review Fairness Act Signed Into Law

USA - January 6 2017 President Barack Obama recently signed the Consumer Review Fairness Act into law. The newly passed law, signed on December 14, 2016, has three main...

Jordan S. Cohen.

Serving Subpoenas to Unmask the Identities of Website Owners, Domain Registrants

USA - November 10 2016 When unidentified individuals defame businesses or professionals online, the harmed parties can potentially serve subpoenas on relevant entities for...

Jordan S. Cohen.

How to Remove Search Results Linking to False and Defamatory Content

USA - October 24 2016 When people want to learn about a product, service, company or professional, they often go straight to the internet. And, unsurprisingly, a large...

Jordan S. Cohen.

Reporting Harmful Non-Defamatory Google Reviews

USA - September 29 2016 It is generally difficult to convince a website to remove defamatory third-party content without a court order. If person A goes to a website and says...

Jordan S. Cohen.

How Not to Deal With Negative Online Reviews: Addressing Online Criticism in Light of Pending Federal Legislation on Non-Disparagement Clauses

USA - September 15 2016 On Tuesday, Sept. 12, the House of Representatives passed H.R.5111, better known as the Consumer Review Fairness Act of 2016. The Consumer Review...

Jordan S. Cohen.