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Minnesota Tax Court case update – November 2013

USA - November 12 2013 In this edition of the Tax Court Case Update we have six cases of interest. The Supreme Court reminds us that a Tax Court decision without thorough…

Minnesota Tax Court case update: the new era begins

USA - July 11 2013 The Minnesota Tax Court has two new judges and is awaiting a third. While we wait to find out who will complete the judicial battery at the Tax Court…

Minimum compensation an update on County of Dakota v. Cameron, IV

USA - October 2 2012 In 2006 the Minnesota Legislature adopted a law intended to provide for just compensation to a property owner who is forced to relocate because of a public project.

A recent arms-length transaction may be a key to lower property taxes

USA - March 13 2012 When a property is purchased at a price significantly below the current assessed market value, what impact can the sale have on the owner’s property taxes or on the taxes of owners of similar properties in the neighborhood?

Vacancy in the tax court

USA - January 12 2012 During the recent recession and downturn in the commercial real estate market there has been increased vacancy across many commercial real estate sectors through higher rates of default by tenants, higher concessions required to maintain occupancy, and reduced demand.