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Minnesota Supreme Court reverses court of appeals and holds that pesticide drift into organic fields may not give rise to trespass claims

USA - October 2 2012 In an August 2012 decision, the Minnesota Supreme Court held that particulate matter, including pesticides that drift onto organic farms, cannot form the basis of a trespass claim.

Supreme Court rejects clear test for determining priority of mechanic’s liens

USA - November 12 2013 On August 28, 2013, the Minnesota Supreme Court issued its decision in Big Lake Lumber Inc. v. Security Property Investments, Inc., rejecting an…

2011 Minnesota legislative summary

USA - July 20 2011 Several changes have been made to Minnesota’s alcohol licensing laws.

Ashlee M Bekish, Josh N. Brekken, Steven M Cerny, Chris M Heffelbower, Sawan S. Patel

Koontz v. St. John's river water management district: implications for property owners in Minnesota and beyond

USA - July 11 2013 Amidst the much publicized same-sex marriage decisions issued by the Supreme Court the week of June 24, the Supreme Court also issued a decision that…

Supreme Court rules that states may mandate use of E-Verify and enforce employment authorization through licensing sanctions

USA - July 13 2011 In a decision broadening states’ powers to enforce federal prohibitions on the employment of illegal immigrants, the United States Supreme Court issued its much-awaited decision in Chamber of Commerce v. Whiting, No. 09–115.

Bruce J Douglas