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Why certification is essential for intermittent FMLA leave

USA - August 5 2013 Employers who have dealt with intermittent leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) know that it can be unpredictable and difficult to…

Magic at-will employment disclaimer language

USA - November 5 2012 When employers make written offers of employment or provide written employment policies to employees, such as Employee Handbooks, it is generally advisable for the employer to include a disclaimer stating that the employment is at-will.

What is the causation standard for Title VII retaliation claims?

USA - July 2 2013 The U.S. Supreme Court recently clarified that but-for causation is necessary for retaliation claims under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964…

What is respondeat superior liability?

USA - July 2 2012 Respondeat superior is a legal doctrine under which an employer may be held vicariously liable for the torts of an employee that are committed within the course and scope of employment.

Does a single nipple squeeze constitute sexual harassment?

USA - January 8 2015 No - the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals recently held that a supervisor's single squeeze of an employee's nipple was not actionable as sexual…