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May 2018 Tsar & Tsai Lex News

Taiwan - May 21 2018 By virtue of the amendment to the LSA on January 31, 2018, the Ministry of Labor promulgated the amended Enforcement Rules of Labor Standard Act on…

Queenie Chen, Leonard Chen, Sean Fan, Connie Huang, Luke Lee, Janice C. H. Lin, Elvin Peng, Rebecca Shen, Steven Yen

Mar 2018 Tsar & Tsai Lex News

Taiwan - March 3 2018 On January 11th, 2018, the Legislative Yuan passed amendments to the Labor Standards Act, which were promulgated by the President’s Order on January…

Alex Cheng, Hector Chin, Luke Lee, Janice C. H. Lin, Elvin Peng

Jan 2018 Tsar & Tsai Lex News

Taiwan - January 30 2018 The amendment provides that those defendants who are not represented by counsel shall be permitted to access the relevant case files to a certain…

Yen Chen, Queenie Chen, Leonard Chen, Alex Cheng, Elvin Peng, Rebecca Shen, Sophia Yeh

Those who engage in the adulteration or false representation of foods, or who add additives not approved by the central competent authority, shall be deemed to have committed a crime, irrespective of whether such act is actually harmful to humans

Taiwan - January 17 2017 The eighteenth resolution (2016) issued by the Conference of Criminal Divisions of Taiwan's Supreme Court states that those who engage in the…

Amendment of the Income Tax Act providing two types of anti-avoidance measures

Taiwan - October 27 2016 On July 12, 2016, the Legislative Yuan approved amendments to Articles 43-3 and 43-4 of the Income Tax Act, providing that there will be two…