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Korea - The FSC’s Announcement of the Guidelines on Security Tokens

South Korea - March 8 2023 On February 6, 2023, the Financial Services Commission (the FSC) announced the "Measures to Overhaul Regulations to Permit Issuance and Circulation…

Jingun KIM, Hwan Kyoung KO, HanKyung LEE, Chloe Jung-Myung LEE, Jongsoo (Jay) YOON

Measures against Unregistered Foreign Virtual Asset Service Providers

South Korea - September 2 2022 The Korean Financial Intelligence Unit under the Financial Services Commission (the KoFIU), on August 18, 2022, announced the "Measures against…

Hwan Kyoung KO, Chloe Jung-Myung LEE, Jongsoo (Jay) YOON

Financial Regulation Innovation: Policy Direction of FSC

South Korea - August 11 2022 Lee & Ko's Digital Finance Team takes a close look at the establishment of the Financial Regulation Innovation Council, the direction of the…

Hwan Kyoung KO, Chloe Jung-Myung LEE

Deregulation of the Financial Sector's Cloud Computing and Network Separation

South Korea - April 30 2022 On April 14, 2022, the Financial Services Commission unveiled its plans to…

Sungin CHO, Hwan Kyoung KO, Chloe Jung-Myung LEE

Digital Finance: Current Issues and Laws - Financial Metaverse Platform and Legal Considerations

South Korea - February 28 2022 In this newsletter, we explain the concept of the Metaverse, and…

Sihong KIM, Hwan Kyoung KO, Chloe Jung-Myung LEE