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Increasing Ransomware Attacks in Higher Education

USA - January 17 2017 Malicious “ransomware” attacks — where a hacker takes control of the victim’s information systems and encrypts data, preventing the owner from…

Monica H. Khetarpal, Joseph J. Lazzarotti

U.S. Supreme Court to Hear Transgender Student Case

USA - November 1 2016 The U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to hear oral argument in one of the high-profile challenges to the legality of the Dear Colleague Letter (“DCL”)…

Mariah H. McGrogan, Michelle E. Phillips

White House Addresses Sexual Misconduct in K-12 Schools

USA - October 5 2016 A new notice and resource materials from the White House remind K-12 schools of their obligations to prevent and address sexual misconduct under Title…

Susan D. Friedfel, Mariah H. McGrogan, Bethany Swaton Wagner

Court Decisions Could Frustrate Obama Administration Efforts to Protect Transgender Students, Employees

USA - September 21 2016 A flurry of judicial activity has surrounded the Obama Administration’s efforts to provide legal protection to transgender individuals by extending…

Mariah H. McGrogan, Michelle E. Phillips

High Court Finds UT Austin Race-Conscious Admissions Process Constitutional

USA - June 24 2016 In a 4-3 decision on Thursday, June 23, 2016, the United States Supreme Court upheld the University of Texas’s race-conscious admissions program. The…

F. Christopher Chrisbens, Marla N. Presley, Mickey Silberman