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Full Eleventh Circuit Finds that Plaintiffs Lack Standing in Alabama Lawsuit Challenging State Prohibition of Local Minimum Wage Laws

USA - December 16 2019 In a closely-split decision by the Full Court of appeals, the Eleventh Circuit has held that the plaintiffs lacked standing to pursue their claims…

Tammy L. Baker, David T. Wiley

Alabama Legislature Approves Equal Pay Law; Law Awaits Governor Signature

USA - June 12 2019 Yesterday, Alabama’s Governor, Kay Ivey, signed a new law that would prohibit employers from paying less for the same work on the basis of gender or…

Yvonne Norris Maddalena

Eleventh Circuit to Undertake Full-Court Review of Challenge to Alabama Law Prohibiting Local Minimum Wage Laws

USA - February 4 2019 The Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals has agreed to undertake a full-court review to decide the validity of a 2015 Alabama law prohibiting cities or…

Tammy L. Baker, David T. Wiley

Oxford, Alabama, City Council Repeals Bathroom Ordinance Targeting Transgender Individuals

USA - May 6 2016 The Oxford, Alabama, City Council has repealed on May 4, 2016, an ordinance it passed a week previously that barred transgender people from using a…

Michelle E. Phillips, Kimberly R. Ward

Oxford, Alabama, City Council Adopts Ordinance Restricting Access to Bathroom Facilities Based on Biological Sex

USA - April 29 2016 The City Council of Oxford, Alabama, has enacted an ordinance regulating the utilization of bathroom or changing facilities within the City of Oxford…

Michelle E. Phillips, Kimberly R. War