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Mandatory Gratuities Are Not “Tips” But May Qualify as Commissions Under the FLSA, Fourth Circuit Holds

USA - December 8 2020 Agreeing with the district court, the Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit has concluded that the mandatory service charges imposed by a…

Justin R. Barnes

Certificate of Relief: Reducing Employer Exposure for Hiring Employees with Certain Criminal Convictions

USA - August 2 2018 Recently, the North Carolina General Assembly enacted “An Act to Amend the Law Regarding a Certificate of Relief For Criminal Convictions” (the…

Sidney O. Minter

Number of Contingent Workers Inches Higher, DOL Survey Finds

USA - June 7 2018 The Department of Labor (DOL) has confirmed the gig economy is alive and well, but the number of workers has increased only slightly in the past…

Elizabeth P. Hernandez, Suellen Oswald