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U.S. Supreme Court: School District Can’t Discipline Coach for Post-Game Public Religious Observances

USA - July 7 2022 A school district infringed on an assistant football coach’s rights under the Free Exercise Clause of the First Amendment when it suspended him for…

Stephanie L. Adler-Paindiris, Heather B. Dillion, Susan D. Friedfel

Supreme Court Justice Breyer Officially Retires; Ketanji Brown Jackson Sworn In as Associate Justice

USA - July 1 2022 Justice Stephen Breyer officially retired from active service on the U.S. Supreme Court as of noon on June 30, 2022…

Stephanie L. Adler-Paindiris

Live from the 2022 Corporate Counsel Conference: Ep. 1

USA - April 25 2022 Welcome and thank you for joining us for this special edition of We Get Work, live from Miami, Florida and CCC2022. What follows are conversations on…

Susan E. Groff, Donald E. English, Jr, Eric R. Magnus, Jody Kahn Mason, Laura A. Pierson-Scheinberg, Greg A. Riolo, Cepideh Roufougar, Christopher Valentino

Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson Confirmed to U.S. Supreme Court

USA - April 7 2022 With support of only a handful of Republican Senators, a Senate majority voted to confirm Judge Jackson’s nomination to the Supreme Court, 53-47, on…

Stephanie L. Adler-Paindiris

Senate Judiciary Committee Tied on Advancing Supreme Court Nominee Jackson

USA - April 6 2022 After hearings and deliberation among the members of the Senate Judiciary Committee, the next step in the process was for the Senate Judiciary…

Stephanie L. Adler-Paindiris