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Amendments to Puerto Rico 2017 Employment Law Reform Employers Need to Know

Puerto Rico, USA - June 21 2022 Puerto Rico Governor Pedro Pierluisi has signed into law changes reversing portions of the 2017 employment reform law. House Bill 1244 (HB 1244)…

Carlos J. Saavedra-Gutiérrez, Juan Felipe Santos

Puerto Rico Supreme Court Rules Continued Employment is Valid Consent to an Arbitration Agreement

USA - November 15 2021 The Puerto Rico Supreme Court has confirmed that continued employment may be valid consent to mandatory employment arbitration agreements in a matter…

Juan Felipe Santos

Puerto Rico Governor Extends Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccination to Additional Private Industries

Puerto Rico, USA - August 23 2021 Under Executive Order 2021-064 (EO), all beauty salons, barber shops, aesthetics salons, spas, gyms, childcare centers, supermarkets, grocery stores…

Tatiana Leal-González, Juan Felipe Santos

Puerto Rico Extends Mandatory Vaccination to Dining and Entertainment Sectors

Puerto Rico, USA - August 12 2021 Puerto Rico has made COVID-19 vaccination mandatory for additional industries after Governor Pedro R. Pierluisi extended vaccination requirements for…

Maralyssa Álvarez-Sánchez, Juan Felipe Santos

Medical Cannabis Patients in Puerto Rico Gain Employment Protections

Puerto Rico, USA - August 6 2021 Registered and authorized patients of medical cannabis in Puerto Rico are considered a protected category for purposes of all employment laws under…

Karla Carrillo Russe, Juan Felipe Santos