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Chicago Adopts New Sexual Harassment Prevention Obligations for Employers

USA - May 13 2022 The Chicago City Council has created new employer obligations to provide training to employees and supervisors on sexual harassment prevention and…

James F. Botana, James Hager, Kathryn Montgomery Moran, Patrick J. Rocks

Supreme Court to Consider Interplay of ERISA and Local “Play-or-Pay” Laws

USA - May 12 2022 The Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (“ERISA”) aims to balance the dual policies of (1) ensuring fair and prompt enforcement of rights…

Michael E. Holzapfel

Trade Associations Weigh In on Claim Accrual Under Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act

USA - March 8 2022 Adopting a “per-scan” theory of accrual or liability under the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA) would lead to absurd and unjust…

Jody Kahn Mason, Richard J. Mrizek

Illinois High Court’s Long-Awaited Decision Holds BIPA Claims Not Barred By Workers’ Comp Law

USA - February 3 2022 The plaintiff, Marquita McDonald, claimed that her former employer, Symphony Bronzeville Park, LLC, required its employees to provide purported…

Jody Kahn Mason, Jeffrey L. Rudd

New Chicago Ordinance Requires Written Contracts for Domestic Workers

USA - January 3 2022 All Chicago employers of domestic workers must provide those workers with a written contact beginning January 1, 2022, under a new ordinance enacted…

Daniel T. Corbett, Kathryn Montgomery Moran, Paul Patten, James D. Thomas