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Vermont Passes Law Aimed at Sexual Harassment Prevention

USA - June 27 2018 Vermont’s “An act relating to the prevention of sexual harassment” makes numerous changes to state law related to sexual harassment. The act provides…

Samuel V. Maxwell

What Vermont’s Legalization of Recreational Marijuana Means for Employers

USA - June 21 2018 Vermont’s recreational marijuana law, which goes into effect on July 1, 2018, lifts penalties for individuals possessing limited amounts of marijuana…

Kathryn J. Russo, Ashley C. Zangara

Vermont Adds Crime Victims to Its List of Protected Classes with New Law

USA - June 7 2018 The categories of individuals protected under Vermont’s anti-discrimination statute (21 V.S.A. §495) has been expanded to include crime victims. H.B…

Samuel V. Maxwell

Vermont Bans Inquiries into Job Applicants’ Salary and Benefit History

USA - May 15 2018 Beginning July 1, 2018, employers in Vermont will be prohibited from requiring a prospective employee to disclose his or her salary and benefit…

K. Joy Chin, Susan M. Corcoran, Richard I. Greenberg

The Trend Continues: New Non-Compete Bills Introduced In Pennsylvania, New Hampshire and Vermont

USA - January 10 2018 In the final month of 2017 we discussed efforts by the Massachusetts and New Jersey legislatures to limit the use of employment non-compete agreements…

Daniel P. Schwarz, Colin A. Thakkar, Erik J. Winton