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Pittsburgh Extends Temporary COVID-19 Paid Sick Leave but Confusion Over Employers’ Obligations Persists

USA - August 13 2021 On July 27, 2021, Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto signed Section 626B of the City of Pittsburgh Code—also known as the Temporary COVID-19 Paid Sick…

Asra Hashmi

Pennsylvania Expands Overtime Pay Beyond Federal Thresholds

USA - October 5 2020 Pennsylvania’s Minimum Wage Act (MWA) has been expanded to increases the minimum salary an employee can earn and still be eligible for overtime…

Stephanie J. Peet

Federal Judge Declares Portions of Pennsylvania’s COVID-19 Mitigation Orders Unconstitutional

USA - September 17 2020 Finding the good intentions behind COVID-19-related safety orders laudable but insufficient to overcome liberty interests in the rights to free…

Laura C. Bunting, Shane LaBarge

Pennsylvania Health Secretary’s Order Lays Out Extensive Requirements for Essential Employers

USA - April 16 2020 Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf has announced a new Order related to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak. Signed by Dr. Rachel Levine under her authority as…

Sean P. Dawson, Sheri L. Giger, Joanna M. Rodriguez

Pennsylvania Legislature Amends Unemployment Regulations to Require Employer Notices

USA - April 15 2020 The Pennsylvania Legislature has amended the state law on unemployment compensation to require employers in the Commonwealth to provide employees at…

Sean P. Dawson, Joanna M. Rodriguez