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For Manufacturers Struggling With Labor Shortage, Time to Review Background Check Processes

USA - July 22 2021 As COVID-19 restrictions continue to relax, manufacturers are facing an ever-tightening labor market. Amidst supply-chain disruptions and computer…

Patrick O. Peters

Trade Secrets - Courts Won’t Protect You If You Don’t Protect Yourself!

USA - May 13 2019 A decision from the Northern District of Illinois is the latest to reiterate a Stern warning we have long highlighted for employers: when…

Colin A. Thakkar

State Attorneys General Step Up Antitrust Probes of Franchise Industry Hiring Practices

USA - August 22 2018 In the midst of a federal effort to ramp up antitrust prosecutions of companies agreeing not to recruit or hire each other’s employees (see previous…

Colin A. Thakkar

U.S. Supreme Court Narrows Dodd-Frank Act Whistleblower Protections

USA - February 22 2018 The anti-retaliation provision of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010 protects only employees who complain directly…

Joseph C. Toris, David R. Jimenez, Jeremy S. Schneider

New Jersey Restrictive Covenant Bill Aims to Change the Landscape

USA - December 6 2017 Providing a private right of action and barring judicial modification are just two features of a bill that aims to severely limit the use of…

Clifford R. Atlas, Colin A. Thakkar