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New Jersey: Vaccines or testing for workers in healthcare and high-risk congregate settings

USA - August 9 2021 New Jersey is requiring employers in covered healthcare and high-risk congregate settings (“covered settings”) to establish a policy that: (1)…

Justin B. Cutlip, David G. Islinger, R. Shane Kagan

Class Action Trends Report Spring 2021

USA - May 12 2021 The social movements occuring across our country have same companies ad organizatons renewing their focus abd commitment to making long term change…

David R. Golder, Brett M. Anders, Justin R. Barnes, Lindsey H. Chopin, Alison Crane, Todd R. Dobry, Mia Farber, Jason C. Gavejian, Elizabeth S. Gerling, Jaime Goetz-Anderson, Joseph J. Lazzarotti, Adam Lounsbury, Eric R. Magnus, Lisa A. Milam, Kirsten A. Milton, Paul Patten, Scott M. Pechaitis, Vincent E. Polsinelli, Kyle B. Russell, T. Chase Samples, Michael D. Thomas

New Jersey’s Proposed Amendments to Law Against Discrimination Sure to Impact Businesses and Litigation

USA - April 8 2021 The New Jersey Senate is considering a bill (Senate Proposal) that, if passed, will significantly affect business operations and employment…

Darran E. St. Ange, Luke P. Breslin, Sojung Jeong

New Jersey State, Local COVID-19 Executive Orders Pose Challenges for Businesses

USA - December 9 2020 New Jersey has implemented a number of measures in an effort to reduce the transmission of COVID-19, including extending the public health emergency…

Justin B. Cutlip

New Jersey Tightens Restrictions as COVID-19 Cases Increase

USA - November 19 2020 For at least the eighth time in the past nine months, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the New Jersey Governor has signed an Executive Order…

Luke P. Breslin