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Illinois Excludes Employees Subject to CBA Provisions from ‘One Day Rest in Seven’ Requirements

USA - June 6 2022 Illinois had amended its “One Day Rest in Seven” Act (ODRISA) to impose additional meal period, day of rest, and notice requirements on employers…

Kathryn Montgomery Moran

Illinois Amends ‘One Day Rest in Seven’ Law, With Significant Revisions

USA - May 26 2022 Governor J.B. Pritzker signed into law Senate Bill 3146, amending the Illinois “One Day Rest in Seven” Act (ODRISA), on May 13, 2022. Those…

Kathryn Montgomery Moran

New Chicago Ordinance Requires Written Contracts for Domestic Workers

USA - January 3 2022 All Chicago employers of domestic workers must provide those workers with a written contact beginning January 1, 2022, under a new ordinance enacted…

Nadine C. Abrahams, Daniel T. Corbett, Kathryn Montgomery Moran, Paul Patten

New City of Chicago Ordinance Gives Right to Return to Hotel Workers Laid Off During Pandemic

USA - June 25 2021 As the hotel industry recovers, the City of Chicago has enacted a “Right to Return to Work” ordinance. The ordinance, which is effective on June 25…

Sarah J. Gasperini

Illinois Lawmakers Put Right of Workers to Unionize, Engage in Collective Bargaining on 2022 Ballot

USA - June 17 2021 If passed by voters in November 2022, an amendment to the Illinois Constitution would preclude the State of Illinois and any local governmental…

Elliot R. Slowiczek