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Protecting Secrets in Tech

USA - December 31 2021 Efforts to bolster regulations aimed at limiting covenants not to compete, coupled with the increased and sustained prevalence of remote work, have…

Patrick S. Richter

Reaction and Response to the FTC & DOJ Workshop on Labor Market Competition

USA - December 22 2021 The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the Department of Justice (DOJ) hosted a virtual workshop on December 6-7, 2021, bringing together agency…

Clifford R. Atlas, Jonathan L. Crook

Protecting Against Poaching

USA - August 5 2021 Employees are the most valuable assets of any company. Particularly in the life sciences industry, where employees are often highly skilled and…

Clifford R. Atlas

Takeaways from President Biden’s Executive Order on Non-Competes

USA - July 15 2021 In the latest step toward federal regulation of non-compete agreements, President Joe Biden has issued a wide-ranging Executive Order that, among…

Clifford R. Atlas, Jonathan L. Crook

President Biden Issues Executive Order Calling on FTC to “Curtail Unfair Use” of Non-Competes and Other Restrictive Covenants

USA - July 9 2021 There have been whispers of federal regulation of non-compete agreements for years. Multiple bipartisan bills aiming to ban non-competes have fallen…

Clifford R. Atlas, Jonathan L. Crook