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How Colleges, Universities Can Prep for U.S. Supreme Court’s Affirmative Action Decision

USA - November 1 2022 Over decades, hundreds of colleges and universities have worked to increase the racial diversity of their student bodies for a host of reasons…

Susan D. Friedfel, Monica H. Khetarpal, Crystal L. Tyler

Department of Education releases new guidance on pregnancy and related conditions

USA - October 10 2022 The U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights (OCR) released a fact resource on October 4, 2022, reaffirming that Title IX of the…

Susan D. Friedfel, Desiree H. Langley, Crystal L. Tyler

Virginia Education Department Releases New Model Policies on Treatment of Student Gender Identity

USA - September 21 2022 The Virginia Department of Education issued new 2022 Model Policies pursuant to Virginia School Code § 22.1-23.3 that reverse the 2021 Model Policies…

Susan D. Friedfel, Michelle E. Phillips, Crystal L. Tyler, Ashlee N. Williams

Education Department’s Civil Rights Office Reinstates Complainant Protections, Systemic Investigations

USA - July 19 2022 The revised Case Processing Manual (CPM) issued by the U.S. Department of Education Office for Civil Rights (OCR) outlines the procedures OCR uses…

Susan D. Friedfel, Monica H. Khetarpal, Crystal L. Tyler

Three Key Takeaways from National Association of College and University Attorneys Annual Conference

USA - July 8 2022 Bringing together General Counsel, Title IX coordinators, equity directors, ethics officers, and other key administrators, along with outside counsel…

Susan D. Friedfel, Monica H. Khetarpal, Crystal L. Tyler