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Oregon Adopts Emergency Leave Rule, Mandating Up to 12 Weeks of Protected Leave

USA - March 19 2020 Under a temporary administrative order, effective March 18, 2020, Oregon employees may be absent for up to 12 weeks, on a continuous or intermittent…

Mark A. Crabtree

Oregon Enacts Pregnancy Accommodations Law

USA - May 24 2019 Beginning January 1, 2020, Oregon employers must provide reasonable accommodations to employees and job applicants who have limitations related to…

Bryce W. Hanks

Oregon Safe Employment Act Amended to Create Presumption of Retaliation Under Certain Circumstances

USA - October 28 2021 An amendment to the Oregon Safe Employment Act signed by Governor Kate Brown creates a “rebuttable presumption” of discrimination or retaliation if…

Portland, Oregon, Bars Discrimination Against Atheists, Agnostics

USA - February 28 2019 An amendment to the civil rights code of Portland, Oregon, extends protections against discrimination in employment, housing, and public…

Bryce W. Hanks

Oregon Clarifies, Overhauls Manufacturing Overtime Rules

USA - August 10 2017 Oregon Governor Kate Brown has signed into law a bill that remedies ambiguities in Oregon’s decades-old daily overtime law, which covers non-union…

Mark A. Crabtree