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New Minnesota civil marriage law clears way for same-sex unions

USA - May 29 2013 Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton has signed a law permitting civil marriage between any two consenting persons, including same-sex couples. The new law…

David J. Duddleston.

Church music director fell within ministerial exception, discrimination claims barred

USA - November 29 2012 A church music director could not assert age and disability discrimination claims against the Catholic Diocese of Austin and St. John Neumann Catholic Church because the “ministerial exception” applied, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit ruled.

Nurse who suffered panic attack and was sent home can pursue FMLA interference claim

USA - November 27 2012 A nurse who was sent home by her employer’s human resources director after suffering a panic attack can pursue her interference claim under the federal Family and Medical Leave Act, the U.S. Court of Appeals in St. Louis has ruled.

Nora R. Kaitfors.

New California law expands protection in the workplace to religious dress and grooming

USA - September 25 2012 California Governor Jerry Brown has signed “The Workplace Religious Freedom Act of 2012” (WRFA) into law.

Ann Haley Fromholz, Jamerson C. Allen, Mark S. Askanas.

Minnesota High Court rejects verdict against university coach for negligent misrepresentation in hiring

USA - August 15 2012 Ending five years of contentious litigation, the Minnesota Supreme Court has reversed a milliondollar jury verdict for negligent misrepresentation against the head coach of the University of Minnesota (U of M) Mens Basketball Team for offering an assistant coaching job to a former assistant coach only later to withdraw the offer.

V. John Ella.