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Connecticut Amends Pay Equity Law, Requiring Disclosure of Wage Ranges to Applicants, Employees

USA - June 9 2021 Connecticut’s “An Act Concerning the Disclosure of Salary Range for a Vacant Position,” which goes into effect on October 1, 2021, imposes new…

Tanya A. Bovée

Connecticut Publishes Guidance Regarding Disclosure of Salary Range for Vacant Positions

USA - September 29 2021 The Connecticut Department of Labor has published guidance regarding the State’s “An Act Concerning the Disclosure of Salary Range for a Vacant…

Tanya A. Bovée

Connecticut Allows Some Training Portability, Amends Law Barring Discriminatory Practices

USA - July 21 2021 In its 2021 Session, the Connecticut General Assembly amended the Connecticut Fair Employment Practices Act (CFEPA), which prohibits discriminatory…

Russell Jarem

Connecticut Strengthens Protections for Pregnant Employees

USA - August 24 2017 Connecticut’s “An Act Concerning Pregnant Women in the Workplace” strengthens considerably the workplace protections for pregnant employees and…

Tanya A. Bovée

Connecticut Extends Time to Comply with Mandatory Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

USA - April 22 2020 Recognizing employers have challenges in ensuring employees complete Connecticut’s new mandatory sexual harassment training requirements during the…

Tanya A. Bovée, Russell Jarem