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What to Expect When You’re Selling: A Primer on the M&A Sale Process for First-Time Sellers

USA - November 30 2021 Selling your business, whether to move on to other ventures or because you are ready to retire, is simply one of the most critical events in your life…

Courtney A. Flowers

Business Law Update - Fall 2019 - So, You’re in a Recession: What Should M&A Buyers and Sellers Do Next?

USA - November 18 2019 For what seems like years now, varied politicians, lawyers, economists and others have been predicting the next recession (with optimism that it w…

Jim Brown

Business Law Update - Fall 2018

USA - November 16 2018 In this edition of Thompson Hine's Business Law Update, we include the first installment of a two-part article featuring a guest co-author, in which…

Jim Brown, Frank D. Chaiken, Brian J. Lamb, David A. Neuhardt, Kaoru Christopher Suzuki, David R. Valz

Caveat Emptor: Key Considerations for Acquiring a Business

USA - November 1 2017 The role of the M&A lawyer is to step in and "paper the deal": The client has already decided to buy a company, and the lawyer's job is to draft the…

Courtney A. Flowers

Business Law Update - Spring 2017

USA - April 3 2017 On February 1, 2017, House Bill 10 was introduced in the Ohio House of Representatives, which, if passed, would permit issuers to raise money in Ohio…

Thomas A. Aldrich, Barry M. Block, Frank D. Chaiken, Cori R. Haper, Marcie Hunnicutt, Jennifer Maffett, Todd M. Schild, David R. Valz, David J. Willbrand