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Business Law Update

USA - March 22 2021 Every spring, the Chicago River is dyed green for St. Patrick’s Day (with a secret eco-friendly, vegetablebased recipe). Every spring until last year…

Mark R. Butscha, Jr., Jennifer Maffett, Jennifer L. Maffett-Nickelman, Joshua Shapiro, Dan Ujczo, David R. Valz

CARES Act: Implications for Businesses

USA - March 28 2020 The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act), a roughly $2 trillion coronavirus response bill signed into law yesterday, is…

Patrick Abell, Jeffrey R. Appelbaum, Katherine D. Brandt, Mark A. Conway, Riccardo M. DeBari, Tarnetta Jones, Francis E. Purcell, Jr., Alexis J Kim, Michelle Li, Curtis L. Tuggle, Roy L. Turnell, Jason D. Tutrone, David Whaley, M. Scott Young

Business Law Update - Summer 2019

Global, USA - August 15 2019 At its simplest, the attorney-client privilege is the protection from disclosure provided, for the benefit of a client, to communications…

Mona Adabi, Faith L. Charles, Paige S. Connelly, Alexis J Kim, James C. Koenig, Jennifer Maffett, Jennifer L. Maffett-Nickelman, David A. Neuhardt, Michael Ragan, Steven G. Stransky, Kevin R. Tabor, David R. Valz, Thomas F. Zych

Business Law Update - Fall 2018

USA - November 16 2018 In this edition of Thompson Hine's Business Law Update, we include the first installment of a two-part article featuring a guest co-author, in which…

Jim Brown, William M. Henry, Brian J. Lamb, David A. Neuhardt, Kaoru Christopher Suzuki, David R. Valz

Business Law Update - Summer 2018

USA - July 1 2018 There is a lot of folklore surrounding the process of negotiating a transaction, settlement or other agreement: "A good deal has nine lives: it dies…

Paul Allaer, Brian J. Lamb, Jennifer L. Maffett-Nickelman, David J. Willbrand