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Reverse Engineering: BVI Court of Appeal in Rare Reversal of Findings of Fact

Canada - November 14 2018 In the recent decision of Alexander Pleshakov v Sky Stream Corporation and Others (Pleshakov), the BVI Court of Appeal considered the scope of its…

Julie Engwirda, Andrew Thorp

Clear day after Rainy Sky: the Court of Appeal decides contractual interpretation

British Virgin Islands, United Kingdom - October 16 2018 In the recent case of Fairfield Greenwich v Kenneth Krys (as Liquidator), the Court of Appeal unanimously dismissed an appeal against the decision of…

Francesca Gibbons, Claire Goldstein

Interim Applications - Procedural or Not!

Saint Kitts - August 13 2018 In a recent decision from the island of Saint Christopher and Nevis, Master Moise had to consider an application regarding an order of the Court of…

Jonathan Addo, Vicky Lord, Anthony Rafferty

Vacation - a good time of year for lots of reasons - a potentially confusing time for BVI lawyers!

British Virgin Islands - August 1 2018 The BVI Courts’ long summer vacation (the Long Vacation) runs, pursuant to Eastern Caribbean Civil Procedure Rule (EC CPR) 3.3(c), from 1 August to 15…

Stuart Cullen, Jonathan Addo

BVI Court of Appeal reaffirms it will rarely reverse findings of fact

British Virgin Islands - June 14 2018 In the recent decision of the Court of Appeal of the BVI, of Mark Byers et al v Chen Ningning, the appeal was dismissed against the liquidators of a…

Charles Wong, Jonathan Addo, Ian Mann