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BVI court gives guidance on s175 procedure

British Virgin Islands - January 18 2013 British Virgin Islands companies are generally free to dispose of their assets on such terms as the directors think fit, but where the assets being…

UK property tax changes: “de-enveloping” or a use of a trust?

British Virgin Islands, United Kingdom - January 18 2013 It has long been popular for high net-worth people who are not domiciled in the United Kingdom ("non-doms") to form an offshore company, often in the…

Dispositions of assets by a British Virgin Islands company

British Virgin Islands - January 11 2013 Although under British Virgin Islands law, companies are (subject to limitations in their constitutional documents) generally free to dispose of…

Peter Tarn.

Frequently asked questions about the BVI's Non-Profit Organisations Act, 2012

British Virgin Islands - January 4 2013 The Non-Profit Organisations Act was passed in the British Virgin Islands in 2012 and came into force on 1 January 2013. The law introduces a number of…

BVI corporate law regime updates to take effect 15 October

British Virgin Islands - September 12 2012 In a proclamation published today, the Governor has announced that the BVI Business Companies (Amendment) Act, 2012 will come into force on 15 October  2012.