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Seeking Insurance Coverage for Breach of an IP License Agreement

USA - June 9 2016 Liability insurance policies often contain exclusions related to the alleged or actual infringement of intellectual property rights. These exclusions…

Jan A. Larson.

Federal Court Sets A Deadline For Insurers To Acknowledge Their Duty To Defend

USA - February 29 2016 Statutes and regulations rarely specify an exact deadline for how long an insurer can delay before forfeiting its right to control the defense…

A federal court sets a deadline for insurers to acknowledge their duty to defend

USA - December 2 2015 Liability insurers sometimes delay in assuming their duty to defend a policyholder sued for a potentially- covered claim. Insurers may explain such…

Brian S. Scarbrough.

Cyber hacking and “voluntary” remedies: bank’s refund to hacking victim held to be eligible for coverage

USA - November 3 2014 Earlier this month, a district court in Pennsylvania held that an insurer could not avoid indemnifying its insured, a bank, for a payment it made to…

Matthew L. Jacobs.

Illinois Supreme Court holds that insurer must cover statutory liquidated damages

USA - March 5 2014 Before settling a lawsuit, policyholders should attempt to obtain the consent of any insurers whose policies may fund the settlement, including…

Brian S. Scarbrough.