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Fifth Circuit Supports Data Breach Coverage under Commercial General Liability Insurance Policies

USA - August 5 2021 The United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit wrapped up the month of July by handing down a helpful ruling for policyholders seeking…

Lena Seung Yun

Del. Rulings Guide On D&O Insurance For Corporate Fraud

USA - April 9 2021 As a matter of public policy, is insurance available to cover fraudulent conduct by a corporation's directors or officers? And when there are covered…

Eric Fleddermann

A Look At Contrasting Rules For Excess Insurance Policies

USA - December 18 2020 Earlier this year, the Delaware Superior Court issued an important decision on exhaustion and attachment of excess policies in Pfizer Inc. v. U.S…

Deepthika Appuhamy

How To Navigate A Hardening D&O Insurance Market

USA - October 6 2020 After more than a decade of being in a soft market, directors and officers liability insurance entered into a hard market in 2019. What already would…

Huiyi Chen, Caroline L. Meneau

2 Takeaways From Ill. Biometric Class Action Insurance Ruling

USA - June 29 2020 In 2008, Illinois enacted the Biometric Information Privacy Act. Through BIPA, Illinois became one of the first states to statutorily address…

Deepthika Appuhamy