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Acquittals in the First Two Wage-Fixing and No-Poach Criminal Trials

USA - May 2 2022 Last month, the first two trials arising from the DOJ’s recent push to criminally prosecute wage-fixing and employee non-solicitation agreements both…

Andrew I. Haddad, Amy N. Vegari

Justice Breyer’s Antitrust Legacy

USA - April 26 2022 Under the Biden Administration, the FTC and DOJ have voiced a commitment to an expansive enforcement of antitrust law. The recent confirmation of…

Mariana Múnera-Keating, Amy N. Vegari

DOJ’s First Wins In Criminal Antitrust Prosecutions Of Wage-Fixing and No-Poach Agreements

USA - February 9 2022 Two weeks ago, the District of Colorado denied defendants’ motion to dismiss in a criminal case targeting agreements between competitors not to…

Andrew I. Haddad, Amy N. Vegari

Fourth Circuit Affirms Local Government Antitrust Immunity for Atrium Health

USA - April 27 2021 The Fourth Circuit ruled last month that the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Hospital Authority, which does business as Atrium Health, is immune from antitrust…

Amy N. Vegari, Danhui (Diane) Xu

Fifth Circuit Impax Decision Validates FTC’s Post-Actavis Approach to Reverse Payments

USA - April 20 2021 On April 13, 2021, the Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit issued its long-anticipated decision in Impax v. FTC, marking the first time an…

Amy N. Vegari, Jake Walter-Warner