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Ransomware Attacks Case Studies Provide Rare Learning Opportunities

USA - April 4 2022 Ransomware attacks have become headline news in the mainstream media, and a hot topic not only on this blog but in government circles. And with good…

Michael F. Buchanan

Massive T-Mobile Data Breach Reignites Calls for National Privacy and Data Security Law

USA - September 2 2021 A little over two weeks ago, T-Mobile became the latest victim of a cyberattack when more than 50 million of their customers’ data was stolen. In the…

Michael F. Buchanan

Are You Ready for Ransomware? CISA Launches New “Stop Ransomware” Website Aimed at Testing Your Cybersecurity Preparedness

USA - August 2 2021 The federal government has been grappling with a holistic response to the massive uptick in destructive ransomware attacks that have bombarded the…

Peter A. Nelson

New York City Enacts A Biometric Privacy Law

USA - June 24 2021 Earlier this year, New York City passed a law restricting the collection and/or use of biometric technology by certain businesses. The new law goes…

Michael F. Buchanan

Beeple, Top Shots, and the Blockchain of Collectibles: Securing the Value of an Original Digital Asset

USA - April 5 2021 A cryptocurrency entrepreneur recently paid $69.3 million for Beeple's Everydays: The First 5,000 Days at a Christie's auction. That record-breaking…

Anne-Laure Alléhaut, Alejandro H. Cruz