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Executive Order: Cybersecurity Skill Gap in Federal Government

USA - May 13 2019 Last week President Trump issued an Executive Order targeted at improving the quality of the federal Government’s cybersecurity workforce. The…

Craig A. Newman

Yet Another Proposal to Require Disclosure of Board’s Cyber Expertise

USA - March 6 2019 Before investing in a company, would you want to know whether the board of directors had cybersecurity expertise?…

Craig A. Newman

Galanis Appeal Leads To Limited Remand To Determine Whether Counsel Was Ineffective

USA - January 14 2019 The appeal in United States v. Galanis, 17-629 (Sack, Parker, Chin) resulted in a limited remand in a summary order so that the district court can…

Harry Sandick

“King for a Day”

USA - January 14 2019 In a decision extolling jurors’ use of “common sense” to evaluate insider trading charges, the Second Circuit affirmed the conviction of Robert…

Harry Sandick

Gupta Summary Order Republished As Opinion

USA - January 11 2019 Earlier this week, we discussed the Second Circuit’s summary order in the insider trading appeal by Rajat Gupta. Gupta was convicted in S.D.N.Y. as…

Harry Sandick