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DOJ Raids Maritime Industry Meeting and Serves CEOs with Subpoenas

USA - March 30 2017 Media outlets have reported that the U.S. Department of Justice raided the maritime industry’s “Box Club” meeting, which is more formally known as…

Jonathan H. Hatch

The UFC’s Biggest Bout Yet: Its Battle Against Its Fighters’ Antitrust Lawsuit

USA - March 2 2017 We have not previously reported on an antitrust litigation that is enveloping the mixed martial arts (“MMA”) world. Six current and former MMA…

Jonathan H. Hatch

The Government Seeks to Intervene in its Third Generic Drug Price-fixing Lawsuit

USA - February 28 2017 Since we last reported on the state and federal Government’s generic drug pricing investigations and litigations (click here to read more), the U.S…

Jonathan H. Hatch

Keeping Section 5 Alive: The FTC Brings Suit Against D-Link

USA - January 17 2017 The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) has filed suit against Taiwan-based D-Link Corporation and D-Link Systems, Inc. (collectively, “D-Link”)…

Craig A. Newman

DOJ and Stage AG Investigations Into Generic Pricing Lead to Suits Against Manufacturers and Employees

USA - December 19 2016 On December 14, 2016 the DOJ Antitrust Division unsealed two Informations that charged two former executives of Heritage Pharmaceuticals Inc…

Jonathan H. Hatch