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Fourth Time’s the Charm—Utah Will Become Latest State to Enact Privacy Legislation

USA - March 16 2022 Utah is poised to become the latest state to jump on the privacy bandwagon. Last week, the Utah Consumer Privacy Act (“UCPA”) passed both houses of…

Gautam Rao

Ransomware’s Exponential Growth Echoes the History of Hijackings

USA - November 10 2021 Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, we have focused on the significant uptick in ransomware attacks. Government agencies such as OFAC, CISA, and New…

Michael F. Buchanan, Maxwell K. Weiss

OFAC Ransomware Guidance: Prepare, Report, and (Preferably) Don’t Pay the Ransom!

USA - September 30 2021 As we have previously reported, there has been a major uptick over the past few years—and particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic—in ransomware…

Gautam Rao

SEC Continues Pursuit of Cybersecurity Enforcement

USA - September 9 2021 Last month, we wrote about three actions taken by the SEC signaling a renewed interest in cybersecurity disclosure enforcement. In keeping with this…

H. Gregory Baker, Anthony C. LoMonaco

Another Court Says Data Breach Investigation Report Is Fair Game

USA - August 31 2021 In a recent ruling with important consequences for data breach litigation, a federal court in Pennsylvania ruled that Rutter’s—a Pennsylvania…

Gautam Rao