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The FTC Fires Its First Shot Under the HBNR

USA - March 9 2023 Last month, the Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) announced its first-ever enforcement action under the Health Breach Notification Rule (“HBNR” or…

Hilarie Meyers

Illinois Supreme Court Rules that BIPA Claims Accrue with Each Scan or Transmission

USA - March 6 2023 The Illinois Supreme Court recently issued a decision that could have wide-ranging implications for defendants and plaintiffs alike under the…

Charlotte Allyn

Breaking-free from the Hive

USA - February 14 2023 On January 26, 2023, the Department of Justice announced its successful “months-long disruption campaign” against a ransomware group known as Hive…

Jenna Smith

Supreme Court Backs Away from Deciding Scope of Attorney-Client Privilege

USA - February 7 2023 The Supreme Court has declined, for now, to decide when attorney-client privilege will apply to communications viewed by courts as made for both…

Alejandro H. Cruz, Sean Lau

Medibank’s Ransomware Saga Continues

Australia, USA - December 13 2022 The fallout from one of Australia’s worst data breaches continues to unfold. As we previously reported, in October 2022, Russian hackers stole…

Sean Lau