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Bankruptcy Court Won’t Dabble in Case Concerning a Marijuana Business

USA - February 11 2022 “[E]nsnared between his involvement in a business that is legal under the laws of Arizona but illegal under federal law,” one debtor’s chapter 13…

Daniel A. Lowenthal

Considering the Conduct of Two PPP “Fraudsters,” Bankruptcy Court Shows Its Teeth but Declines to Bite (For Now)

USA - November 29 2021 “Messrs. Woods and Wu are fraudsters,” Judge Christopher S. Sontchi declared in the opening salvo of his scathing opinion. According to the former…

Daniel A. Lowenthal

Ransomware’s Exponential Growth Echoes the History of Hijackings

USA - November 10 2021 Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, we have focused on the significant uptick in ransomware attacks. Government agencies such as OFAC, CISA, and New…

Michael F. Buchanan, Peter A. Nelson

Unqualified "Cares" Act Funds Can't Be Used To Pay Creditors

USA - October 19 2021 U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Craig A. Gargotta rejected a debtor’s attempt to use “CARES Act” funds, which it did not actually qualify for, to pay creditors…

Daniel A. Lowenthal

When Potentially Violating “Gatekeeping” Orders, Asking for Permission May Be Easier (And Cheaper!) Than Begging for Forgiveness

USA - August 13 2021 Judge Stacey Jernigan did not mince words in a recent opinion sanctioning the former CEO of Highland Capital Management, LP. Entities related to the…

Brian P. Guiney