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California's New Digital Privacy Law: Impact on Business Operations

USA - July 11 2018 California's landmark digital privacy law enacted less than two weeks ago is the most sweeping consumer data protection law in the United States. The…

Alejandro H. Cruz, Craig A. Newman, Kade N. Olsen, Simone M. Silva-Arrindell.

Countdown to the First Annual New York DFS Cyber Regulation Certification

USA - January 16 2018 On February 15th, organizations subject to the New York Department of Financial Services Cybersecurity Regulation are required to submit their first…

Craig A. Newman.

Post-Spokeo Standing: An Evolving Landscape

USA - September 6 2016 Several recent federal court decisions have shed additional light on the still-unsettled question of when a plaintiff has Article III standing to sue…

Peter A. Nelson.

Uber’s Latest Headache

USA - April 18 2018 An expanded settlement by the Federal Trade Commission with ride-sharing giant Uber Technologies should serve as a lesson to other businesses about…

Craig A. Newman.

FDIC & Cyber: Words of Warning to Financial Institutions and their Boards

USA - February 22 2016 Financial institutions sit atop a wealth of personal information - not to mention money. In an interconnected world in which sensitive customer…

Craig A. Newman.