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Judge Gonzalez Grants Preliminary Injunction to Accused Infringer For "What Appears to Be a Fraudulent Claim to a Patent"

USA - January 12 2023 On December 18, 2022, Judge Gonzalez (E.D.N.Y.) granted-in-part and denied-in-part Plaintiff Sound Around Inc.'s motion for entry of a preliminary…

Abhishek Bapna

Judge Lehrburger Finds That Original Complaint Can Provide Requisite Knowledge For Willfulness Allegations in Second Amended Complaint

USA - January 5 2023 Three weeks after recommending deferral of claim construction in a patent dispute between competing massage-device companies, Magistrate Judge…

Basil Williams

Judge Lehrburger Recommends Deferring Claim Construction Until Full Record is “Graspable”

USA - December 15 2022 What does it mean for a handle of a massage device to be “graspable”? We do not yet know. In Therabody, Inc. v. Tzumi Electronics LLC, No. 21-CV-7803…

Basil Williams

We Will Just Have to Wait - Judge Liman Grants Motion to Stay Pending Resolution of Parallel Motion to Dismiss

USA - October 25 2022 On October 4, 2022, District Judge Lewis J. Liman (S.D.N.Y.) granted a motion to stay pending the resolution of a motion to dismiss in a parallel…

George S. Soussou

Product or Person, Not Both: Judge Hellerstein Dismisses Complaint for Alleging That the Accused Instrumentality is the Defendant

USA - September 16 2022 On August 25, 2022, Judge Hellerstein (S.D.N.Y.) granted defendant SAS Institute’s (“SAS”) motion to dismiss plaintiff Invincible IP LLC’s…

Abhishek Bapna