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Antitrust Plaintiffs Complain of Patent “Thickets”

USA - August 31 2020 For years, antitrust commentators have warned of threats to innovation and competition posed by “thickets” of patentsthe “dense webs of...

David S. Kleban.

The Democratic Presidential Candidates and Antitrust

USA - February 19 2020 With the Democratic primary process in full swing, we thought it fitting to take a look at where the candidates stand with respect to antitrust...

David S. Kleban.

New Investigations of Large Tech Firms Reflect Continuing Influence of New Brandeisian Ideas

USA - October 3 2019 Public discourse about antitrust law has been expanded to include a wider range of ideas about the purpose of antitrust law. “New Brandeisians”...

Jake Walter-Warner.

Unadopted Amendments of the 1810s: Titles of Nobility and Ill-Timed Reversals

USA - August 20 2019 Jerry Bonaparte gets married. Congress decides it really hates titles. The Titles of Nobility Amendment is almost ratified, but falls two states...

Harry Sandick.

Early Constitutional Law Decisions: Arguments, Assets, Banks, Boats, Charters, Crimes, Debts, and Dams

USA - August 13 2019 A debt is paid, but not to the debtor. A will is probated, but not for the heirs. An argument is skipped, despite prior arrangements. A bank is taxed...

Harry Sandick.