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Reconstruction: Conclusion

USA - March 23 2021 We discuss the decisions and events leading to the end of formal Reconstruction, culminating with the corrupt bargain ending the election of 1876 and…

Harry Sandick

Bonus Episode: Impeachment Redux

USA - March 16 2021 In the wake of the second Trump impeachment, we review the Johnson, Clinton, and (first) Trump impeachments (and Nixon’s resignation), and conclude…

Tara J. Norris, Harry Sandick

Reconstruction: 19th Amendment, Part 2

USA - March 11 2021 During World War I, suffragists pursue both national and state-by-state strategies. The National Women’s Party takes a more radical approach with…

Harry Sandick, Sofie G. Syed

Reconstruction: 19th Amendment, Part 1

USA - March 9 2021 We begin our discussion of the struggle for women’s political rights in the United States with the Revolution, with a focus on the fight against…

Harry Sandick, Sofie G. Syed

Reconstruction: 15th Amendment

USA - March 4 2021 We discuss how organizing among African-Americans, continuing violence in the former Confederacy, and a union of principle and politics in the North…

Harry Sandick