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The Child Labor Amendment

USA - July 26 2022 Popular opinion rises against child labor, and the Supreme Court shrugs. Congress tries again, but the Court is unmoved. Congress passes an amendment…

Harry Sandick

Prohibition: the 18th & 21st Amendments

USA - July 19 2022 A multi-decade organizing project by the WCTU and ASL and the malapportionment of state legislatures leads to the passage of the 18th Amendment, with…

Harry Sandick

Taxation: the 16th Amendment

USA - July 12 2022 The delegates to the Constitutional Convention create distinctions without comprehensible differences. The advocates of broad taxation join the…

Harry Sandick

Announcing Season 4: Remodeling

USA - July 5 2022 We’re back for the final season of How to Build a Nation in 15 Weeks. Join us as we discuss events and amendments from the past 100 years that…

Harry Sandick

Suit by Diners to Proceed Against Food Delivery Platforms

USA - April 19 2022 More than two years into the COVID-19 pandemic, and driven in part by the suspension of indoor dining, the practices of restaurant platforms and food…

Danhui (Diane) Xu