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Circuit Rejects “Listening Circle” Release Condition For Defendant Who Threatened To Assassinate Member of Congress

USA - May 26 2021 In United States v. Carlineo, the Second Circuit (Parker, Lohier, Menashi) vacated a special condition of supervised release requiring the defendant…

Bonita L. Robinson.

Second Circuit Joins Majority On Circuit Split, Finding Attempted Hobbs Act Robbery Qualifies As Crime of Violence under Section 924(c)

USA - May 11 2021 In United States v. McCoy (Kearse, Parker, Sullivan), the Second Circuit held that attempt to commit Hobbs Act robbery qualifies as a crime of…

Abigail E. Marion.

Insider Trading Conviction Affirmed for Corporate Outsider

USA - April 14 2021 In United States v. Chow, the Second Circuit (Kearse, Carney, Bianco), affirmed the defendant's 2018 conviction for insider trading (among other…

Michael K. Halper.

Circuit Vacates Above-Guidelines Sentence Based on Comments Concerning Deterrence and Russian Organized Crime

Russia - April 14 2021 In United States v. Vinokurov, the Second Circuit (Wesley, Carney, Nardini) issued a summary order directing the district court to resentence…

Jared S. Buszin.

Aggravated Identity Theft Conviction Affirmed Despite Ambiguous Statutory Language

USA - April 5 2021 In United States v. Wedd, the Second Circuit (Cabranes, Park, Nardini), affirmed the defendant's 2018 convictions for aggravated identity theft…

Bonita L. Robinson.