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Judiciary Acts, Part 2: Midnight Judges and Missing Commissions

USA - May 28 2019 The Patterson team debates whether the 1789 Act is pro-debtor or creditor. The Federalists giveth to the Midnight Judges, and the…

Jonathan H. Hatch, Harry Sandick

Judiciary Acts, Part 1: Hang Like a Bat to Every Particle

USA - May 21 2019 The First Congress picks up where Article III left off. Oliver Ellsworth gets possessive. The justices are told to make like post-boys and get on…

Jonathan H. Hatch, Harry Sandick

Week 10, Part 1: Always Sweat the Details

USA - August 7 2018 The delegates gradually return from recess, though New Jersey takes its time crossing the river. The Committee of Detail takes some liberties in…

Jonathan H. Hatch, Harry Sandick

Week 3: Don’t Push Your Plan Too Far.

USA - June 13 2018 The Large States and Deep South support one another. Gerry takes on the three-fifths compromise. New Jersey stalls for time and introduces an…

Jonathan H. Hatch, Harry Sandick

Week 1: Showing up is half the battle.

USA - May 30 2018 The convention opens. The Virginia delegation introduces its plan for Government including a national executive, national judiciary, and, crucially…

Jonathan H. Hatch, Harry Sandick