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Season 3: Episode 3: Justice Ginsburg and Justice Marshall’s Views on Campaign Finance

USA - May 31 2022 In Season 3, Episode 3 of Notorious, we discuss campaign finance, from legal viewpoints of Justices Ginsburg and Marshall. Among the issues discussed…

Michelle M. Bufano, Greg Margolis, Bonita L. Robinson

White House Issues Further Guidance for Federal Agencies on Cybersecurity Priorities

USA - February 3 2022 The White House recently issued a Memorandum designed to strengthen the cyber defenses of “National Security Systems” - information systems operated…

Anthony C. LoMonaco

Season 2: Episode 3: A Discussion of Grutter v. Bollinger

USA - September 15 2021 In Season 2, Episode 3 of Notorious, we discuss the case of Grutter v. Bollinger, which involved the question of whether a law school admissions…

Michelle M. Bufano

Episode 11: Three Cheers for Beer: A Discussion of Craig v. Boren

USA - April 21 2021 In Episode 11 of Notorious, we discussed the case of Craig v. Boren, in which Ruth Bader Ginsberg, an attorney for the ACLU, helped shape a new level…

Michelle M. Bufano, Patricia S. Kim

Beeple, Top Shots, and the Blockchain of Collectibles: Securing the Value of an Original Digital Asset

USA - April 5 2021 A cryptocurrency entrepreneur recently paid $69.3 million for Beeple's Everydays: The First 5,000 Days at a Christie's auction. That record-breaking…

Anne-Laure Alléhaut, W. Scott Kim