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Q4 | 2019

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  • Q4 | 2019 in Healthcare and life sciences - Africa and Middle East


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Australia: Launch of new .au domain name extension

Australia - November 2 2021 The Australian Registry recently announced that it will launch its .au domain name on 24 March 2022. This extension will allow registrants to obtain…

Ferosa-Fae Hassan

Trade Marks: lipsticks and coffee capsules

European Union, South Africa - November 2 2021 Product shapes have traditionally been protected by way of registered designs. But it is sometimes possible to register the shape of a product as a…

Miley Cyrus: aside from her musical talent, she has made a contribution to trade mark law

European Union, South Africa - July 30 2021 Possibly the most confusing issue in trade mark law is this: when are two trade marks confusingly similar? We’ll discuss two recent European Trade…

Ferosa-Fae Hassan

ARIPO’s newest member: Republic of the Gambia

Africa, Gambia - July 6 2021 The African Regional Intellectual Property Organisation (“ARIPO”) is one of the cost effective regional systems in Africa that allows a brand…

Ferosa-Fae Hassan

Best steer clear of Aunty Helen

South Africa - July 5 2021 You might think that “Aunty Helen” is a perfectly good trade mark. After all, it could work with a variety of goods and services - tea, biscuits…