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Shipping 2014: South Africa

South Africa - October 30 2013 When does title in the ship pass from the shipbuilder to the shipowner? Can the parties agree to change when title will pass? Usually shipbuilding…

Michael Tucker, Tony Norton

New potential regulation for South Africa’s transport sector?

South Africa - May 29 2018 On 12 February 2018, the Economic Regulation of Transport Bill, 2018 was published for public comment. The Bill aims, among other things, to enhance…

Associated ship arrests: recent judgment establishes important principles

South Africa - April 9 2015 In the recent judgment of "The Owners of the mv "Silver Star" v Hilane Limited"*, several important principles were established, namely: Full effect…

Michael Tucker, Jacqui Kaufmann, Tony Norton, Ryan Reddy

Recovery procedures for concurrent creditors in the admiralty jurisdiction

South Africa - June 8 2011 Other than those that work in the field of maritime law, there are few who are aware of the fact that where property has been arrested or attached in respect of a maritime claim and liquidation, sequestration or judicial management proceedings have subsequently commenced in respect of the owner thereof, such property does not vest in the insolvent estate but is subject to sale and the distribution of its proceeds in terms of the Admiralty Jurisdiction Regulation Act, No 105 of 1983 ("the Admiralty Act").