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The consequences of your attorney binding you without your mandate

South Africa - August 2 2022 What are the implications of your legal representatives binding you to agreements you did not consent to? It is a common cause in the legal…

Aslam Moosajee

South African court: a parent’s duty to support children does not stop when they become adults

South Africa - August 2 2022 The Eastern Cape High Court has handed down an order upholding a special plea with costs in divorce proceedings. While married, the Appellant and…

Aslam Moosajee

Court practice directives cannot override the Superior Courts Act

South Africa - June 7 2022 In Frank Mhlongo and Others v Tryphinah Mokoena N O and Others, the question before the Supreme Court of Appeal ("SCA") was whether a judge president…

Aslam Moosajee

Pending appeals suspend the execution of court orders

South Africa - June 7 2022 The Superior Courts Act, 2013 provides that an application for leave to appeal, or an appeal, suspends the operation and execution of a decision…

Aslam Moosajee, Shenaaz Munga

SA court rules that victim of alleged rape allowed to communicate about her ordeal

South Africa - April 5 2022 A South African court judgment has taken a strong stance against the silencing of victims of gender-based violence and also demonstrates that claims…

Aslam Moosajee