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In brief: dealing with local distributors and commercial agents in Canada

Canada - March 10 2020 A quick look at a few of the key issues that arise when dealing with local distributors and commercial agents in Canada, including distribution structures, contract termination and transfer of rights.

Marissa Carnevale, Tanya Nakhoul.

Franchising in Canada

Canada - August 27 2019 A wide-ranging guide to franchise law and practice in Canada, including business structures, legal frameworks, taxes, IP issues and dispute resolution, among other things.

Marissa Carnevale, Tanya Nakhoul.

Good Faith and International Franchising

Canada - June 26 2019 Introduction In recent years, the notion of good faith has been gaining traction in the context of both national and international franchising.2 In…

Marissa Carnevale, Tanya Nakhoul.

Distribution & Agency in Canada

Canada - April 11 2019 A structured guide to distribution & agency in Canada

Marissa Carnevale, Tanya Nakhoul.

Direct distribution in Canada

Canada - March 12 2019 This article reviews some of the key considerations for foreign suppliers seeking to establish direct distribution structures in Canada.

Marissa Carnevale, Tanya Nakhoul.