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Franchise Re-sales- Everything You Need To Know

Canada - December 7 2020 Every franchise agreement contains provisions that control how, when and if a franchisee can sell its franchised business. The reasons for this and…

Allan Dick

Planning Ahead: Coronavirus and Managing its Impact on Franchise Operations

Canada - March 10 2020 COVID-19, or the 2019 novel coronavirus, has been dominating news cycles since the beginning of 2020. Considering the interconnectivity of the global…

Jason Brisebois

The franchisor-franchisee relationship in Canada

Canada - August 27 2019 A guide to the legal and practical considerations surrounding the franchisor-franchisee relationship in Canada, including operational terms and the renewal and termination of the agreement.

Franchising in Canada

Canada - February 8 2019 A structured guide to franchising laws in Canada

Intellectual property for franchisors in Canada

Canada, Switzerland - February 8 2019 A structured guide for to intellectual property for franchisors in Canada